Steamboat Mickey Mouse Plush 1

Mickey's appearance in the show.

Mickey Mouse is a therapist who is from the future.He first appears in Cute Mario Bros the Movie where he comes from the future to tell Mario and luigi about a huge war.Later on he joins them in there army.He was one the last people to "die" in there army.

Then he appeared again in the Blue Terror to warn them again about another war going to happen.Later on he helps them "kill" the Blue Terror Gonzo. At the end he said he will miss Kermit (Because of Kermit getting killed ).

Later on in the series he appears more as a therapist.Also he might of decided to stay in the present because of Mario and Luigi always having promblems.

Mickey Likes

    • Mario
    • Luigi
    • Kermit
    • Peach
    • Jack

Mickey Hates

Gonzo Bowser Wario Bullet Bill