'Mario's Illness' is episode 17. In this episode, Mario turns ill after drinking Luigi's disgusting drink.

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Jack Skellington


Mario and Luigi watch a Christmas movie, Mario then tells Luigi that he wants make a shake for him. So Luigi makes the shake for Mario himself, and puts in various things from the kitchen, (worms from chinese food, Wasabi Teriyaki sauce and a whole bunch of gross stuff). After that, he mixes the stuff up in the shake and adds a final touch to the shake, a bendy straw.

Luigi then goes back to the living room and gives the shake to Mario. Mario jumps into the cup and drinks the shake, he then exclaims that it's the best shake ever. The two then go to bed, and Mario has a fresh stomachache starting. He wakes up the next morning, sick and begins to throw up. He then calls for Luigi and asks him for stuff like milk, chicken noodle soup, Chips Ahoy, Super Mario Bros Super Show DVD's, and other useless junk.

Luigi then tells Mario that does he need anything else, and Mario says that he wants a sponge bath. Luigi then loses it and tells Mario that he can get what he wants on his own.

Luigi talks to Jack about this, and he checks up on Mario, only to find him unconscious. Mario then wakes up to find himself in the hospital, which is actually in their living room. Mario then exclaims he feels better, but then Luigi sneezes and gets a cold. He then tells Mario, if he cold have a tissue. Mario then yells at Luigi, "GET IT YOURSELF YOU LAZY JERK!!!!!!", he then smacks Luigi and the episode ends.


Cute Mario Bros - Mario's Illness-0

Cute Mario Bros - Mario's Illness-0


  • Luigi's shake consists of live worms!
  • If you look closely,the movie Mario and Luigi watch is "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer".
  • When Mario throws Luigi, the camera moves and Luigi's hat disappears.
  • Before Mystery of the Stolen Hat, Mario was thrown and his head was detached. It can easily be seen in this episode that it was reattached with glue.