'Luigi's Bad Luck' is episode 12. In this episode, Luigi is gaining bad luck, believing that there is no such thing.

Characters Present


Mario and Luigi are playing a Nintendo DSi. Then they check what day it is today.Then,Mario notices that it is Friday the 13th and Luigi does not believes in bad luck,But Mario does believe in bad luck,So Mario shows Luigi some things that might cause bad luck the things were:

1:Never break a mirror

2:Never spill salt

3:Never open an umbrella inside the house

Then Luigi does open the umbrella (inside the house of couse) and Mario becomes scared and nothing happens.Then Luigi goes upstairs and a shoe dropped down on Luigi. then Luigi tries to put salt on cornpuffs,but Mario yelled:LUIGI! and Luigi got terrified that he spilled the salt! Then Luigi goes to the freezer to get a treat but then the door closes on him. then Mario went to the freezer too, but then he notices a frozen Luigi then he cleans up Luigi. Then Luigi stepped on a crack but then he went back to Mario. Meanwhile, Mario wants to kill a back to school newspaper (beacause he hates school) and Luigi wants to get good luck. So,Mario shows Luigi some good luck stuff (4-leaf clover rabbits foot lucky horse shoe) and Luigi trys to spin around 7 times but he gets dizzy. Then Mario makes Luigi do very stupid things wich are:

1: Drink a bottle of lemon juice

2: wear underpants on his head and say im a big fat idiot (LOL)

3: jump off a ledge

Then, after Luigi jumped off the ledge, Mario noticed that it was August. But then it revaled that Jack was after all behind this! Then, Mario did not want to hang out with Jack anymore.


  • When Luigi was stuck in the freezer, the calender said April.
  • On the salt box,notice the Ehh Guy's cameo appearance on the tomato.