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Eyes: Blue, Hair: Brown, Clothing: Green cap and shirt, blue overalls, white gloves, brown shoes


Mommy (mum), Mario (brother), Malleo (cousin), Weegee (cousin)


Mario, Yoshi, Jack, Mickey, Sylvester, Kermit


Mario (sometimes), Bowser, Bowser's Minions, Wario, Waluigi, Shadow Mario, Shadow Luigi, Mrs. Stinkybutt, Kermit (formerly), Gonzo


Drummer and pianist of 'The Rockin' Mario Bros.'

First Appearance

The Pilot Episode

Latest Appearance

Cute Mario Bros: The Third Movie

Played by

Ricky H.

Luigi is Mario's younger brother. He is a very funny character who stars beside Mario in the Cute Mario Bros series. He is a plush, unlike his brother Mario (who is a Figure). Luigi is a little immature for his age, but no one else could be just as awesome a sidekick as him! Like Mario, he is an Italian-Canadian plumber and likes Super Mario Bros 3.


Luigi acts like a baby at times and cries a lot, but he's very loyal to Mario and will support his older brother when ever he can. At times, Luigi can be annoying. He has been turned into a cooler image of himself twice, both as part of an evil villain's plan. Luigi is often treated like a baby by Mario, as shown in a running joke in the series when Luigi wants to eat out of the "big boy bowl". Then, Mario says no and gives Luigi the "baby bowl", and Luigi whines and says "You're mean to me". Luigi is bullied by Mario, like Mario saying "I'm just a more popular character and everybody loves me!", but Luigi pushes Mario off his bike and says "That's what you get for being a meanie." Despite his immature states, he can often prove himself strong and courageous. He fought with Kermit while protecting Mario from death. He once got revenge on Mario in Summer Fun 2.


Summer Fun

Luigi and Mario go to a playground beacause it is summertime. They play with a spinning thing to tree climbing.

Cousin Malleo

When Mario's cousin, Malleo comes for a visit, everyone likes Malleo better than Mario. (including Luigi) So, Mario wants to "run" away but Luigi finds him in the tree fort, and they both get a surprise visit from Weegee.

Pilot Episode

Mario and Luigi rescue Peach once again, who is kidapped by Bowser Jr. They travel from their house to the tree fort.

Meet Jack Skellington

Luigi goes Swimming because there it's no sun, and Bowser leaves Toad.

Luigi Likes

Luigi Hates


  • Malleo (Cousin)
  • Mommy (Mother)
  • Mario (Brother)
  • Weegee (Cousin)

Special Move

Luigi does Irish dancing as his special move. It first appeared in Meet Jack Skellington and appeared again in The First Movie.



  • Luigi had his own shows called 'Super Spy Luigi' and 'The Sonic and Luigi Show'. However, they were deleted and cancelled, respectively.
  • Luigi's hat was cut off to be used for episodes such as 'Mystery of the Stolen Hat'. It can be seen flinging off when he is hit or tossed, such as in 'Meet the Wario Bros'.
  • luigi has a sleep walking problem as shown as a runing gag but it wasen't used at all in season 2 but it would be brought back up in season3



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