Kermit's appearance.

Kermit the Frog (usually called Kermit) is a Muppet from The Muppet Show. In the show he is a puppet. He used to be Mario and Luigi's enemy, but became friends. He died in the Blue Terror. In his original Movie he wanted to kill the Mario Bros. so he built an army to try to stop them but lost. He appeared again in Revenge of Kermit, where a genie grants Mario and Luigi's wish to fight a bad guy, Kermit attacks again and captures the mario bros. The mario bros. free themselves and become good friends with the mario brothers. In Return of the Ehhs, Kermit's boss wanted Kermit to kill the mario bros, but since Kermit had made friends with them the boss had to hire The Ehh Guy and The You! Guy to kill the mario bros, but Kermit defeated the Ehh Guy and the You! Guy, in the blue terror he was trying to protect The Mario bros, but the only way to do that was to jump in front of the lightning Gonzo was shooting, Kermit was killed by the power of the lightning. Many fans miss him and are begging for him to return.

He later appeared as a spirit in a christmas carol warning mario about three ghosts that are going to visit him. He appeared again at the end of Death of Mario? He appeared in Mario's Rockband Pt. 4: The Blue Terror Rises because Gonzo brought him back to life with electricity. Kermit forgot that he was friends with the bros so Gonzo used this to his advantage and made Kermit evil again! :(

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