'Halloween Special' is episode 18. In this episode, it is Halloween.
Cute Mario Bros - Halloween Special

Cute Mario Bros - Halloween Special

Its time for Halloween at the Cute Mario house! Mario, Luigi and Jack are all ready for trick for treating. However, there is somebody plotting to take away their Halloween candy and ruin everything! Will Mario and Luigi be able to keep their candy?

Characters Present

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Jack Skellington
  • Donkey Kong
  • Bullet Bill
  • Bowser
  • Wario


Mario, Luigi and Jack are excited because it's Halloween, they begin putting up decorations, (which scare Luigi) and then go to put on their costumes Mario is a ghost, Jack is a skeleton, which he already was in the first place, much to the hilarity of the viewers, and Luigi is a mouse, which he seems embarassed of, after they put on their costumes, they go to Donkey Kong's house with Donkey Kong just being a guy in the monkey suit wearing a DK tie, Donkey Kong gives them a banana, which angers Mario, Luigi and Jack as Halloween is supposed to be about getting candy, not fruit and Mario insults Donkey Kong, which makes him sad.

Later that night Mario, Luigi and Jack return home, but are mugged by Wario and Bowser who want all the candy to themselves as people don't like giving candy to bad guys, Mario, Luigi and Jack are trapped in a basket with Jack saying that they are bad people, but then Donkey Kong comes and beats up Wario and Bowser and rescues the group, Donkey Kong then Salutes Mario and climbs out a window, Mario then breaks the 4th wall and tells the viewers that if Wario and Bowser ever gang up on them, to just call Donkey Kong, Mario then dives into the pile and says "OOOOH I'M SO FAT!" and the episode closes.


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