'Friend or Foe?' is episode 16. In this episode, Wario decides to give up his evil ways and become a good guy. Mario and Wario have the time of their life. However, Luigi is still on his guards and think that Wario has another trick up his sleeve.


In the beginning of the episode, Wario robs a bank with Peach and Toad as hostages. Mario then later comes to save peach and succeeds, even if Wario send bullet bill to attack him.

Later that day, Wario is sad and wishes that he could be a winner. So he goes to Mario to be friends with him.

The doorbell rings at Marios house and mario gets it and guess who it was? was wario.talking for a while mario desides to be friends with wario,(THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION IS A SONG CREATED BY WARIO AND MARIO)"(music plays)mario: Woke up in the morning, feeling fine. wario: There is someone special on my mind. mario: Today I met a new friend in the neighborehood. both: Something tells me im in to something good. wario: He's the kind of guy who looks real cool. mario: He's the kind of guy who takes big poos. wario: He is friends with me like I hope he would. both: Something tells me im in to something good (repeat).luigi waches both of them,when mario enters the house luigi's chair moves dramatic."dont play dumb"luigi says and then slaps mario

                                                                                              NOT FINISHED(YET)


  • Wario wore a sombraro over his hat, during the bank robbery sequence.
  • This episode introduced many characters in Bowser's troop
  • When Mario was dangling over lava during Wario's so called game, it was revealed that Wario killed his mother-in-law.
  • The Friend song during the montage of mario and wario playing on the playground is a parody of the 1964 song, I'm into Something Good, by british beat band, Herman's Hermits.